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new years resolutions
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Health This Year| Terveys

// In the autumn of 2018 I started training with a personal trainer. My goals were to get back on track with my training routines, as well losing the baby weight. Everything has gone as planned until my right shoulder put me in trouble and pain a couple of months ago. At first I tried to ignore it and just gave it a little rest for few days. Then I continued training like nothing had happened. Of course, my ignorance and lazy attitude just made it worse and the pain started to have an impact on my everyday life. Work and sleep, for example. I couldn’t even carry a light hand bag on my shoulder or to hold a phone. What does this have anything to do with this year and its resolutions?

Well, I want to take better care of my body during the following year. Working out regularly and losing the extra weight isn’t enough, obviously. I need to maintain my health from other angles too. I’m not getting any younger here, let’s face it. Regular yoga with the training I already do, as well visiting a massagist wouldn’t hurt, literally. Of course first I need to see a doctor or osteopath to get help for my shoulder. //

// Tänä vuonna aion kunnon kohotuksen ja painonpudotuksen lisäksi keskittyä myös kehonhuoltoon ja erityisesti pyrkiä selvittämään, mistä erinäiset kiputilat kropassani johtuvat. //

Family This Year| Perhe

// This year I would like to spend more time with my hubby and our children. Last year I worked very intensely on my thesis and landed a new jo too. These obviously took a lot of that time that I used to be with our family. My thesis is done and my graduation is almost here. Also my job isn’t that new anymore, thus I hope that I could give more of me to my family. Especially to our children. They are getting bigger and I don’t want to feel that I’ve missed something. I would love our family to do something fun together regularly. Preferably something active, go out to nature, activity parks and such. //

// Tänä vuonna haluan antaa aikaa perheelleni. Viime vuonna perheeni antoi minulle aikaa saada opintoni valmiiksi ja aloittaa uudessa työssä. Toivon, että keksisimme jonkin kivan tavan viettää yhteistä aikaa, nyt kun lapsemme ovat jo hieman isompia! On ollut mieletöntä seurata molempia huimaa kasvua. Tiedostan vahvasti, ettei se siitä vielä hetkeen hidastu, siksi yhteisen ajan maksimointi on minulle juuri nyt kovin tärkeää. //

new years resolutions

Travel This Year| Matkustaminen

// I’m quite determined to travel this year. I haven’t done that in a while and it’s been killing me. I want to travel to new destinations of course, but also go back to familiar places that I’ve fell in love with!

Paris is going to be the first place to visit. I visited Paris the last time in 2012 and that’s too long ago… This time I’m traveling there with a dear friend in February and I’m super excited! As some of you might know I love all things French (the wine, the art, the language, the fashion, the films…) thus, I wouldn’t say no to another trip to France later this year.

new years resolutions

For few years now I’ve very keen to travel to my other home country: Morocco. I haven’t visited Morocco for 20 years now and that’s a real shame. My father is currently living there some parts of the year thus, it would be quite simple for me to just back my bags and hop on a plane! Even just for a long weekend, with or without the fam. A new destination in my mind is Bali. I haven’t done any research on the place or the budget it requires. However Bali is something I would like to discover sooner rather than later. Perhaps alone or as a couple or with a friend. //

// Olen viime vuosina saanut lähinnä vain haaveilla matkailusta, osaksi opiskeluiden, osaksi pienten lasten takia. Tietysti myös säännöllisten tulojen puuttuminen on vaikuttanut asiaan. Tänä vuonna toivon, että pääsisin taas sivistämään itseäni näkemällä ihmisiä muualla maailmassa. Ensimmäisenä kohteenani on Pariisi ystävän kanssa helmikuussa, jes! //

new years resolutions

Self-improvement This Year| Itsensä kehittäminen

// I’m a big fan of learning and studying. I believe that humans are life-long learners. I guess on some level I think that could be one of the meanings of life. People are never too educated or too wise, right? Well what are the things I would like to improve myself in this year?

Well, firstly I want to learn more about money. Now, that I’m not a student anymore and have full-time job I want to look at the options I have. Sidenote: if I’m being honest here, I hate to talk about money. Not because it’s a some sort tabu to some, but I hate the troubles it can create between people. Even nations. But I’m a grown up now (and have been a decade, yikes!) and I have been saving money before so this money talk isn’t all new to me. Though I think there’s a lot for me to learn. A couple of years ago I made a resolution to cut back my shopping (mainly clothes and tableware) with a big hand and I did. Now it’s time for me to learn new ways to grow the money I’ve saved and save some more.

new years resolutions

Another thing that needs improving this year are my organisational skills. The past year I struggled being organised and up to date with my life. I had trouble keeping a calendar and remembering everything. For years in the past, in high school for example, I was great at keeping score, but since having two children I’m a mess at that. My thoughts and things seems to be out of order all the time. For some people this might be normal and even ok, but for me it’s not. It has an effect on other things in my life and I find this kind of mess rather stressful. //

// Viimeinen huomionaihe uudelle vuodelle on itseni kehittäminen. Tykkään oppia uusia asioita ja kehittää osaamstani eri asioissa. Myöskin niissä epämukavissa, nimittäin raha-asioissa. Tänä vuonna haluan oppia paremmaksi säästäjäksi ja oppia myös sijoittamisesta jotakin. Myös organisointikykyni on ollut hukassa viime vuoden, ehkä jopa kauemminkin. Ennen niin tarkka ja aikainen-lintu-madon-nappaa-Jamina on ollut kadoksissa ja voi miten kaipaankaan sitä järjestelmällisyyttä elämääni! Tällaisia asioita olen siis pohdiskellut tulevalle vuodelleni. Mitä sinä olet ajatellut tulevasta vuodesta, onko tällaiset ”lupaukset” täyttä hullujen hommaa vai voiko asioihin oikeasti vaikuttaa näin etukäteen pohtimalla? //

new years resolutions

Do you have resolutions for this year? Some things you want to focus on and maybe improve?