It’s been a while now since I’ve written articles in my blog. I’ve had a nice couple of weeks to myself, just to soak in the vacation mood. I got to admit though, it’s not easy. Not when you got to small children waking you up at 6 am every single morning!

Despite the early mornings I’ve had time to do things on my own, in my own pace and it’s nice for a change. I haven’t had anything planned for these two weeks and I’m so glad I didn’t! My schedule has filled up on it’s own; I’ve had meetings with friends, swimming, eating, hiking, barbecuing… All the stuff people do on summer vacations. And I had the luxury of doing these spontaneously which is half of the fun!

I did have one thing planned for this summer and for June, to be more precise. My friend Anna and I are going to have a class reunion next Saturday with our classmates that we haven’t seen in ages! Some of them I’ve seen about ten years ago and some even 14 years ago, how crazy is that! So much has happened since to everybody, not just me. It will be exciting to catch up on each other after a long long time.

We are going to meet on the west coast of Finland, in a town called Pori which is the place I grew up as a child and lived until I turned 15 years old. I love that town and I’ve such fun memories growing up there. I loved my school and all the things I did with my friends on our spare time. We spent a lot of time in Yyteri, at the beach with my family. My grandparents used to live in village nearby too. All of my good summer memories are from their house!

As you can see I’m very excited to return to Pori for a weekend with my BFF and look back on all of the fun memories we have about living in there! It will be a chance to catch up on my sleeping too, the rarity of a parent with small children, yay!


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