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For me wearing a dress is the easiest way to dress. I save a lot of time putting on a dress instead of several pieces of an outfit. I mean, I love styling and taking my time with clothing, but sometimes (read: most of the times) I’m too busy to pick up fabulous outfits and come up with fresh ideas with shirts and pants.

But I do sometimes struggle with what to wear, even with the dresses. When I’m having a ”bad-clothing-day” I like to rely on one of my favourite dresses, which is always appropriate for work and suitable for more dressy occasions as well. It’s the gingham dress.

My gingham dress is casual enough because of its print but it’s also more dressy because of the flary ruffles in the sleeves and the hem. I love how girly it makes me feel. Or with heels, like a lady boss. The print doesn’t need a lot of accessorizing to it, otherwise the look would be ”too much which is common with the rich prints. You can’t see it in the photos, but that day I combined the dress with a white jacket, leather boots and that small purse.

Last week I had the pleasure to join Pinja and Camilla to shoot some looks at a restaurant called Kappeli in the sunny Helsinki. We wanted shoot at a location where we could use the bright daylight to our advantage and let me tell you it real made all the difference in the photos! I love how the photos turned out and the colours are popping out beautifully.

The gingham dress that wear in the photos is navy blue and white, which are my favourite colours as it happens! The dress was a sale find from last fall, its YourFace’s SS18, but the internet (e.g. Bubbleroom , Zalando…) is full of similar dresses so you could find one matching your style for the upcoming spring and summer!

Photos: Camilla Bloom


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