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    Spring is around the corner, even here in Finland, which is a great time to check your skincare routine. Your skin needs different kind of care depending on which season it is. The climate has its effects on skin, as well as which part of our body we are talking about. Today I’m looking things from a more general level. What do you need to maintain a healthy clear skin? Next, I’m going to share my list of skincare to-dos. Scrub This is my least favourite part of skincare even though I love the result: a smooth and soft skin. I’m just super lazy to do it as often as…

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    TODAY’S KIDS Having an amazing imagination is gift that keeps on giving. These days kids don’t run wild in the nature anymore and let their imagination grow and expand by doing so. Instead they are busy staring their screens like little zombies. Only time they get outside is to go to a nearest park and take 100 shots of themselves to prove it. How can I criticize like this when I’m doing the same thing myself? Because I’ve done my fair share of running around in the forests, building huts and climbing trees and let my imagination go places I physically couldn’t. Kids today haven’t. They are struggling with their…