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    The spring sun has finally caught us even here in Finland! It gives so much energy and inspires me to dress up more. This time it inspires me to wear more skirts and show my bare legs to the sun! I haven’t bought any new skirts after last summer/fall, but I’m missing a feminine and flowy skirt in blush pink that I really would like add into my wardrobe. Here are some of my picks that I thought I should definitely try on my quest in finding the perfect one for this spring/summer! I-V/ VILA VI / NEXT VII / SAINT TROPEZ Which of these would you prefer? I think…

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    Cakes, champagne, flowers, candles… Here’s my inspiration board from Pinterest. My graduation party is less than a month ago. I’ve decided to have my graduation party at our house. Actually, I’m going to have my party split in two; the afternoon reception is for my family and relatives and the evening party is for our friends. I decided to do it like this because our house doesn’t fit over 40 guests at once… Plus I think it would be a nightmare to host (mainly) alone! Doing it this way, gives me a chance to enjoy my guests as well. The invitations have been sent and I have started practicing on…

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    Yesterday was all about packing for a weekend in Paris. What to wear for a weekend stay in a sunny +11 degree (Celsius) weather? Easy, since the answer is pretty much anything! The trouble for me was to fit everything in my hand luggage… But I made it. Thanks to Pinterest! I created an inspiration board in Pinterest, which included outfit ideas to wear in Paris. Every item can be found in my closet, so all I needed was some outfit combo inspiration from Pinterest. That’s what I came up with, how do like it? I love it! It was so much easier to pack when I first visualized it…