• a woman looking up with a smile


    Spring is around the corner, even here in Finland, which is a great time to check your skincare routine. Your skin needs different kind of care depending on which season it is. The climate has its effects on skin, as well as which part of our body we are talking about. Today I’m looking things from a more general level. What do you need to maintain a healthy clear skin? Next, I’m going to share my list of skincare to-dos. Scrub This is my least favourite part of skincare even though I love the result: a smooth and soft skin. I’m just super lazy to do it as often as…

  • perfect_eyebrows


    Eyebrows are pretty much the frames of the face. It matters a lot how you shape and colour them. If the frames are off, so is the rest of the presentation, right? I’ll tell you an example: the 10 year challenge that is now very viral in the social media is rather painful to watch. At least from the point of view of the PERFECT EYEBROWS. I admit, I’m one of those who plucked their eyebrows too much as teenager. Thankfully I was able to grow them back! Even though the plucking problem is pretty much solved, I still think there a lot to learn about shaping and colouring one’s…