My looks


I love photography. As I love taking photos from everyday life and memorizing special moments on film, I do also love the more editorial kind of photography as well.

Combining that with my love of styling and creating looks is my favourite pass of time, at least in the creative sense of things. I don’t get as much pleasure from painting or sewing (althought I like doing them a lot) as I do from creating a story with a series of photos. Either behind or in front of the camera, it doesn’t matter!

This time I had the pleasure to work with Camilla with my vision. I wanted create a series of photos with a peaceful setting in neutral colour tones. The look was feminine and romantic, yet rather rustic. The stripes of the dress brings the look to modern age, although I was surrounded by the atmosphere of the 19th century.

I found the perfect spot by accident. These photos have been taken in the café of Botanical Garden of Helsinki. We were lucky as the café was quite empty that day. Thanks to the call and gloomy weather outside. Surprisingly the lighting was more than perfect.

These photos make me want to move to the countryside and live as a lady of the house in a big rustic manor surrounded by endless land of fields and forest. Thank goodness summer vacation is near and then, anything and everything is possible!

Have a great and sunny weekend everybody!


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