Happy New Year 2020 everyone! I hope all of you have enjoyed the holidays and stocked up some Z’s for the next months! I’m more than ready to go full steam ahead for the new year. I have so many things coming up the few months that makes me excited and at the same time very nervous, but none the less I’m up for the task, so to speak! I’m not ready to share my exciting and nerve-racking to the whole world, but I promise, soon you’ll hear about them here, in the blog.

Last month I took a weekend getaway with my friend Pinja to Saint Petersburg in Russia. We had the most fabulous time eating great food and relaxing like two moms of two kids would, haha! I can highly recommend St. Petersburg to everyone. The people were friendly and nice, very courteous even.

In this post I’m going to share my photos of the beautiful hotel we stayed at as well as the cute and cozy café we ate our lunch at. Both places are located in the centre of St. Petersburg.

The Official State Hermitage Museum Hotel

The hotel was as majestic as the photos show. I think I’ve never been in a place this gorgeous (that isn’t a royal household)! The hotel had everything one could need, restaurants (Italian and Russian cuisine), gym, a spa (with a Finnish sauna and a proper Turkish one too) with massages and other treatments for relaxing. Even if one wouldn’t visit the spa, our room had a huge bathroom with all the amenities one would normally need. The location of the hotel isn’t far (walkable) from the Nevsky Avenue, which is the shopping street in St. Petersburg.

The Singer Café

This building is from the beginning of the 20th century and has a lot of history in it. It was built for the owner of the sewing machine company Singer and it represents an architectural change as it pops out from its scenery quite flamboyantly. That’s why it’s also a great landmark and a set point on Nevsky Avenue. Nowadays the building serves as a bookstore and a café. We had some blinis for lunch and they were heavenly! I recommend the ones with smoked salmon and sour cream, yummy. Also the tea selection was endless, so tea lovers, this is your spot!

As I get rest of the photos sorted out, I’ll share some of the looks I wore in St. Petersburg.

I must say, St. Petersburg, and Russia surprised me positively and I’m glad. I never thought such a gem could be found just ”next door”, three hour train ride away!

Until next time,

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