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People often ask me how I stay so energized everyday. Meaning how the heck I’m combining having two small kids, a full-time job and finishing up my studies at the University all at once. Not to mention a relationship and a handful of friendships on the side. Without feeling overwhelmed and distressed. Well I don’t and I do, thus my first answer would be ’I don’t know’.

But when I started thinking about it more I realized two things: Firstly, I’m a person who not only wants but needs some personal time. I think everyone needs it, some less some more. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to get some alone time to themselves, but I understand it may be too difficult to arrange. I’m very blessed to have such an amazing support system around us, plus a rather flexible husband and two very easy-going kids at home.

Secondly, when I’m reach the feeling of being able to do things, whether it’s work, hobbies or just spending time with my family and friends, I feel as I have gained and achieved something and it gives me life! This may sound weird to some of you, but I should tell you that I’m quite a competitive personality. I’ve used compete in sports but nowadays I mostly compete with myself. Meaning that I want to become better, not in something certain, but in life general. I want to achieve my personal goals and always dream bigger. To some people this may sound exhausting, but to me it’s actually giving a booster.  I want to point out that I don’t get satisfaction over winning others, not really, not even in board games! I just want to win myself and achieve my goals and therefore better myself. By doing (and completing) the things I love and desire I get to beat the old me and become more and more the person I wish to be and live the life I wish to live.


To someone being me could be tiring, I definitely can see that, but I do know people who do even more and greater things with their time. But I don’t feel lesser to them and I don’t compete against them, I just find my inspiration there and then try to figure out who I am and the things I want to do.

I’m trying to think of why my mind is set like this and all I can come up with is that I’m an optimist by nature, who loves to dream big and also a competitive personality who finds the joy of life by challenging herself as setting new goals. I’m sort of an adventurer and I want to find my path in life by discovering new things; things that I like, but also my limits. I should also tell you that I’m a somewhat realist too though, thus I don’t get ”beaten up” by not achieving everything I want to achieve. I realize that not everything is possible at the moment and that there are things that I’m not able to do. That doesn’t kill me, that doesn’t make feel like a loser, that’s just life.

I don’t really appreciate how some of my friends and family member call me a ”super woman” because of what I told you above. I think this is just a normal way of living for me, this is the real me and I’m not trying to be anyone or anything else. The real me is also the hobo-looking lady on the couch on a Sunday morning not wanting to do anything or go anywhere. Finding balance in my life; between the things I absolutely want to do and the things that don’t ever get done and don’t really care to do and the things that needs to be done, is the key.

So what gives you life? What gives you joy and energy? How could you feel energized everyday (or at least most of the days)?


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