In the beginning of December I’m going to pack my bags for a weekend get-away with my friend Pinja.

This was decided in quick moment as she texted me last week and asked for my availability to travel in December. She told me she wanted to visit Saint Petersburg, Russia. I’ve never been there, so I thought to myself why not!

We are going by train since it’s so easy. It only takes about three hours to travel across the border. Of course one needs a Visa when crossing the EU borders (and let me tell you, it’s not the simplest thing to get) and that needs to be acquired early enough since it may take couple of weeks to be prepared.

It is definitely going to be a short visit as it is only weekend, but I’m still rather excited to see some places in Saint Petersburg, like the Winter palace for example. It is going to be so cold in December and most likely snowy but also very Christmassy and I can’t wait to see that side of Russia. What a beautiful time of the year to visit there!

Have you been to Saint Petersburg? Do you have any recommendations where to eat or what to see?

Have a great weekend!


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