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Spring is around the corner, even here in Finland, which is a great time to check your skincare routine. Your skin needs different kind of care depending on which season it is. The climate has its effects on skin, as well as which part of our body we are talking about.

Today I’m looking things from a more general level. What do you need to maintain a healthy clear skin? Next, I’m going to share my list of skincare to-dos.

  • Scrub
    • This is my least favourite part of skincare even though I love the result: a smooth and soft skin. I’m just super lazy to do it as often as recommended which is 2-3 per week! I do it more during summer as my skin is more exposed thus I want it to look good all the time.
  • Mask
    • Depending on which part of the body we are talking about, but wether it’s face, legs or hands it’s important to nourish your skin from time to time with a bit of more love. I personally am a fan of over night masks. Just add it to your skin in the evening as part of your nightly routines and wash away in the morning as you would do anyway!
  • Hydrate
    • From the inside with lots of water and from the outside with some quality creams or/and oils. It is vital to pick the products that fit your skin type. Be aware that your skin might need different things on your face than elsewhere in your body!
  • Breathe
    • Let your skin breathe. Don’t put on clothes right away after a shower or a bath. We do this for small children, but our adult skins need it too. It might be difficult to take time for it in case you’re a morning showerer and you’re used to hurry in the mornings. Also sleeping in a light nightwear or even naked is recommended.
  • Sugar
    • This means hair removal to be precise. Sugaring is a gentle way to remove hair off your skin but it also exfoliates and removes dead skin cells pretty nicely. Removing hair e.g. from your legs with sugar lessens the hair growth over time. I’ve been sugaring for a decade now and I wouldn’t go back to have my hair removed any other way!

Do you have anything to add to my list? Would you be willing to do all of this to maintain a healthy clear skin? I know I have difficulties to keep up, but I’m definitely an advocate of beautiful skin! I can’t wait until summer to bare my legs again! <3

Photo by Jannamari Photography
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