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My Project 333

As our April move is getting closer and closer, I’m in desperate need to declutter our stuff. My love/hate relationship of decluttering my wardrobe is real. I hate to go through it but I love having a tidy closet!

I’ve been reading a book about textile industry and its huge effects on the world. It’s called Hyvän mielen vaatekaappi and it’s written by Rinna Saramäki (2014). It’s written in Finnish (sorry!) so I recommend it to all my Finnish friends who cares about the world and wants to make smart choices while buying clothes! The book is divided in to two topics, first part is about the textile industry. Second is about decluttering one’s closet and tips on making smart and ecological choices at the clothing stores.

I love this book; I mean I love clothes and fashion, but I do hate what the industry does to the world. To the nature as well as the people at the bottom of ”production chain”. Fashion industry is one of the largest polluting industry in the world and it’s heartbreaking really how carelessly we consume clothes!

For years now I’ve regularly gone through my wardrobe and passed on the clothes that I haven’t worn for a year. But I’ve noticed that I still have so so many clothes that I don’t want to give away, but yet can’t seem to find an occasion to wear them. And on top of it all, I regularly suffer from ”I’ve nothing to wear” syndrome which is ridiculous when I have a closet full of clothes.

Here’s where the book becomes handy. It goes through all the stumbling blocks one might have in their wardrobes. It presents the good old tips from the beginning of the 20th century to the modern day on how to build a handy, yet organized wardrobe. The last remedy the book offers for a wardrobe (that doesn’t get boring or mismatched) is called ”Project 333”. It’s a fashion challenge invented by a blogger Courtney Carver a few years ago. Once I read the instructions to the challenge I was a goner!

PROJECT 333 in a nutshell

* pick 33 clothing items

* to be worn in the next 3 months
* have separate 33 items for each season. E.g. In Finland we have 4 seasons, thus 4 x 33
* don’t throw anything away in the beginning, store the rest of the clothes in your storage.
* when you changing the season, you’ll feel like the stored clothes are brand new because you haven’t seen them for a while!
* this challenge will also make you notice which of your clothes are keepers and which can be given away eventually.
* Underwear, sportswear and lounge wear is excluded from the 33 items.

My personal tips on Project 333

* Pick clothing items that fit together. Start by picking your favourite items.
Because I love dresses, I picked three of my favourite dresses. They made me choose the colour scheme of the other clothes too. 
* Then I picked some tops, a shirt and trousers.
* Jeans
* Cardigans & Shawl
* Jacket
* Coats
* Shoes
* It’s important to think about the weather of the next 3 months. It might be really cold or really hot, thus layers, layers, layers!

So, this is my contribution to the Project 333 challenge. I will make a separate vlog about my selection of clothes for next 3 months. It will be my first ever entry on Youtube as a blogger, yay! Stay tuned for the first video, as I’ll link it here and share it in Instagram as well!