The Beauty Beneath



Cakes, champagne, flowers, candles… Here’s my inspiration board from Pinterest. My graduation party is less than a month ago. I’ve decided to have my graduation party at our house. Actually, I’m going to have my party split in two; the afternoon reception is for my family and relatives and the evening party is for our friends. I decided to do it like this because our house doesn’t fit over 40 guests at once… Plus I think it would be a nightmare to host (mainly) alone! Doing it this way, gives me a chance to enjoy my guests as well.

The invitations have been sent and I have started practicing on baking cakes, since I want to make the cakes myself this time. Next thing to do is finding the perfect decorations for tables, choosing the drinks I want serve and figuring out the rest of the menu.

What do you think of the inspiration board? If you’re feeling it, stay tuned for more graduation related articles! Next up the recipes I’m going to use!

All photos from my Pinterest board Lovely Graduation, links to the original source below: