I’ve been hibernating all autumn. I haven’t really been seeing anyone, had any parties, done any sports… I’ve cut down my internet/social media use by half, if not even more. I just had to even though I didn’t wish to.
This autumn has been very hard for me and I’ve needed some time to settle to the current needs of my everyday life. I’ve gone back to my roots and tried to unravel them to make more sense of me and components my life.
I needed to do this to able to bare the storms that have come and are still ahead. Strong roots keep the tree standing no matter what the storm is going to be like.

When we fall, we get up. When we make mistakes, we learn. We live and we grow.

Tomorrow’s going to be my 29th birthday and I’m not afraid of any storms coming my way. I’m strong and fearless when needed. Although I do hope my last year as twenty-something will be slightly more happy and stable than this year has been!
I consider aging non relevant and age literally just a number, I see birthdays (and growing older) as a chance to get wiser year by year. This year has definitely made me wiser.


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