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Having an amazing imagination is gift that keeps on giving. These days kids don’t run wild in the nature anymore and let their imagination grow and expand by doing so. Instead they are busy staring their screens like little zombies. Only time they get outside is to go to a nearest park and take 100 shots of themselves to prove it.

sculpture art in louvre paris

sculpture art in louvre paris

How can I criticize like this when I’m doing the same thing myself? Because I’ve done my fair share of running around in the forests, building huts and climbing trees and let my imagination go places I physically couldn’t. Kids today haven’t. They are struggling with their lack of imagination which affects their creativity skills in everyday life. I am witnessing that every day through my work.


This of course doesn’t apply to all kids. Mainly just the kids who live in the bigger cities where they don’t have the opportunity or the environment to develop their imagination. Today’s parents often provide their kids ideas and stimuli ready instead of giving their kids a chance to think themselves. This is one of the reasons I wish that I will be able to let my kids develop their imagination. I sure will do my best to offer them those boring moments without any screens and by that force them to think creatively instead.

sculpture art in louvre paris

That is why I would love to move away from the city, away from the fuss, away from the need to stay focused and relevant every minute of every hour. Don’t get me wrong, I love big cities like Paris and Rome. I’d love to have an apartment in Paris someday. But not to raise kids in there. Even if it would be just me as a single, I don’t think I would love to live in the center of it all. I love the idea of not being available all the time.


So far, I’ve been a little afraid of moving away from the city and its conveniences but now being back in the work life I’m desperate for the from it and the quietness it offers. I’ve noticed that when I started working full time again I’ve lost some of my creative energy. I don’t get those of fresh ideas that I used to get when I was bored and got nothing to do (read before kids). These days I only get them if I go out to the nature, just like I did when I was a kid. Sadly, there’s a lot less time for that now. That’s also the second reason I’d like to move away from the city life. To have more time.

As you can probably guess, lately I’ve been trying to convince myself about moving to a more peaceful neighborhood, even a town. I’ve been trying list pros and cons to make the decision easier. It is a life changing decision after all. My husband would do it in a heart beat, so why can’t I? I know I would love it.

What would you do? Do you think I should take a leap of faith in this? Just go for it?

Two children fighting over a bouquet near a broken vase, Vinache & Gillet, 1747-1758;
Love embracing Friendship, Pigalle, 1758;
The children of Ayscoghe Boucherett also known as The Little Orator, Lawrence, 1800;
Master Hare also known as Infancy, Reynolds, 1786-1842;
The boy in blue, Goya, 1791
Every art piece can be found at Louvre


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