My love for fun memories and having quality time with my friends and great food has brought me into the world of entertaining. I love organizing and hosting parties, get-togethers, brunches and dinners to my loved ones but also to a bigger crowd. I can’t wait to be a maid of honour in one of my friend’s wedding and get into the challenge of creating something so beautiful and memorable for someone special.

When I’m planning a festivity, whether it’s a tea party or a baby shower, I want to make my guests feel relaxed and to enjoy each other’s company. I like having theme parties and going all-in with the themes. Dressing up for an occasion is also fun and I wouldn’t miss a dress code even if it’s a costume party and not mandatory!

In this page I want to share my memories of the festivities I’ve organized and hosted, but also share some inspiration and party-ideas to everyone who might struggle with the themes, decorations or even recipes. Drinks are a crucial part of celebrations whether it’s a non-alcoholic or not, thus they have their own section on this page as well, feel free to check out my party picks!

In Finland we have this saying “Well planned is half done.” (I took the liberty to translate it English) This saying is perfectly accurate when it comes to party planning and entertaining. A party without proper planning is usually a chaos at least for the hostess. Well organized and planned party keeps the hostess’ head cool and the party mood relaxed. Every event needs a little love and care to become a great party and a great memory!


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