The Beauty Beneath
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The countdown to the first wedding of the season has begun and the need for a perfect occasion dress is serious. I’ve been wondering between a self-made dress, a tailor-made dress and a commercial dress for two months now.

Even though I would have decided the way to attain the dress, I still have the on going debate with myself about losing some weight before the weddings. I’m confident I will, but I’m not sure is it wise to wait until the last minute with the dress.

Last month I started ordering dresses from online clothing shops to try on. From the usuals, such as Zalando, and Bubbleroom; since they have huge collections of occasion wear and in so many colours!  You’d think that it would be an easy quest to find a one gown. Nope, it’s not.

I need a dress coloured either old rose or dark blush, yet not too warm toned or too lilac. I need a dress either with short sleeves and combined with a shawl or with a just the right amount of coverage (in case it’s a cold summer day) on its own.

Even though finding a dress that is a perfect fit for my body as well as the perfect shade of pink is difficult, I’m more excited about the weddings itself! I know the brides will look absolutely stunning and I’m so grateful to be there by their side on their big day!

I’ll come back to you with the dress as soon as I find the perfect solution!