The Beauty Beneath

Sun beams at breakfast


It has been about two months now since I cut my hair and changed my hair colour to brunette again. I’m happy with the change and surprisingly it wasn’t even that hard to get used to it. Shorter hair feels quite natural. I’ve been dreaming of this kind of French bob for about a year now and at the end of the summer I had the guts to do it, yay! No regrets! I’m actually having a hard time to imagine a longer hair now… Oops, haha!

So it’s finally beginning to look like autumn outside, even though we have had some amazingly warm days in August and September in the Finnish scale of things. No complaints, though! I thought the summer went by too fast and I’m holding on to the last sunny days we can possible get.

Our autumn has brought as back our routines, which we as a family of four love love LOVE. We got back to our work and daycare schedules and have added some new fun hobbies to it too.
My son started doing gymnastics and ice skating, as well as I. I’ve returned on ice after about a ten year break and took my son with me. He is skating it with the other five year olds and I’m doing my practices with some other adults. Super fun and I’m so excited to freshen up my old skills!
I’ve also started this ”wood crafts class” this autumn, in which I’m currently renovating a chair from the 19th century that belongs to my grandmother. I love creating things with my hands and this class is so fun and even a bit therapeutic to me!

My working hours this autumn has increased a bit from before the summer, so I’m pretty busy with work right now. Every night I go to bed, I’m exhausted. At least I’m sleeping relatively well now! But keeping up my workout routines, spending time with the family and friends and eating well is what keeps me going.

I hope you’re Thursday is looking well,