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    I love photography. As I love taking photos from everyday life and memorizing special moments on film, I do also love the more editorial kind of photography as well. Combining that with my love of styling and creating looks is my favourite pass of time, at least in the creative sense of things. I don’t get as much pleasure from painting or sewing (althought I like doing them a lot) as I do from creating a story with a series of photos. Either behind or in front of the camera, it doesn’t matter! This time I had the pleasure to work with Camilla with my vision. I wanted create a…

  • My looks


    A week ago I started my mission to find a denim jacket that would be fit to wear in many occasions during the spring/summer season. I wanted a jacket that is 100% cotton, without any elastane to make sure it would keep its shape as long as possible. I wanted a jacket which colour isn’t too light nor too dark, but a neutral shade of blue. With a little search (took about three stores) I found the perfect one from Cubus! So, now I’ve got a denim dress, a denim dress, a denim jacket plus jeans of course! I don’t know whether I’m a all-denim-everything person, but I do like…

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    The spring sun has finally caught us even here in Finland! It gives so much energy and inspires me to dress up more. This time it inspires me to wear more skirts and show my bare legs to the sun! I haven’t bought any new skirts after last summer/fall, but I’m missing a feminine and flowy skirt in blush pink that I really would like add into my wardrobe. Here are some of my picks that I thought I should definitely try on my quest in finding the perfect one for this spring/summer! I-V/ VILA VI / NEXT VII / SAINT TROPEZ Which of these would you prefer? I think…

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    Spring is around the corner, even here in Finland, which is a great time to check your skincare routine. Your skin needs different kind of care depending on which season it is. The climate has its effects on skin, as well as which part of our body we are talking about. Today I’m looking things from a more general level. What do you need to maintain a healthy clear skin? Next, I’m going to share my list of skincare to-dos. Scrub This is my least favourite part of skincare even though I love the result: a smooth and soft skin. I’m just super lazy to do it as often as…

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    Last Saturday I celebrated my graduation with my friends and family. We had such good party and I’m super grateful how everything went so well. A huge thank you for everyone who took part in my special day! <3 I made almost everything myself, including the cakes, the salty pies and other small treats as well as the flower arrangements and other party decorations. My mother and sister helped me with cleaning and putting things into their places. My hubby kept our kids busy so that I could focus on the organizing more efficiently. Thank you all for supporting me <3 A special thank you to my mother, who’s not…