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An era started on 2011, on March 27 I received my copy of a book that would be my passport to the University of Jyväskylä and to the university world. I would read that book for 8 hours a day (I kept the weekends off) for the next 1,5 months. It was my second entrance exam and didn’t dare to fail anymore.

And I didn’t. Now, after exact eight years I’m finally getting my diploma, my Master’s degree from the University of Helsinki. It’s like an end of an era, really. I’m going to celebrate my graduation at the end of March. It’s almost like destiny. I mean, I tried to graduate two years ago. And again last summer. But I guess this time of the year seemed more appropriate (to everyone involved haha).

I’m beyond grateful to the people closest to me; my hubby, my family, his mother and my friends for all the support they have given me mentally and physically over years. I want to thank my children too, since they have brought me so much joy, light and meaning to this journey. Without them, this accomplishment wouldn’t feel half as great it feels right now!

To be honest, most of all, I’m proud of myself. I’ve done so much in such a little time that I never thought that I’d have it in me! Over the years people have been asking how am I doing everything and all at once (studies, work, marriage and parenting). I’ve never really stopped to think about it. I didn’t feel like questioning my determination nor my life decisions. But now I am amazed how everything actually worked out well and most of all I’m still in one piece. Maybe even a stronger piece than before. At least smarter, right?

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I’ve just read Michelle Obama’s book Becoming last month and one thing that really caught me was her asking herself through out the years ”Am I good enough?”. I think I’ve been asking that from myself too. Maybe not so much during these 8 years of studying and becoming a wife and a mother, but before that. To me, getting into a university, studying at the university and then graduating from one, was the ultimate life goal as a person. Because to me it means that now everything is open to me and I have potential. So yes, I am good enough. Finally.

Next post will be about party planning, je promis! <3


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