The Beauty Beneath


About taking risks

As I have told you, I have had the need to do something more creative with my time than I’m currently doing. For the past eight months I have been carefully wishing and dreaming, thinking, planning and digesting some new ideas. 

I think I’m finally at a place and time, that I have molded the wish into a plan. Right now, I have an idea, or even a few.

During the last weeks I’ve taken that plan into action. I’ve done so much work to get here. There is still a lot to do and a lot more action to happen. Today though, I did the first concrete step into the unknown. There might be set backs, that’s actually quite likely, but I have plan B and plan C as an alternative. It’s not like I’m going to throw myself to the wolves and not be prepared.

I’m chasing my dreams and that’s not going to be easy. Being creative is never easy. That’s why I didn’t take these steps ten years ago, I wasn’t ready. But now, that I’ve grown and matured (at least from this perspective!) and seen the possibilities that life has to offer, I’m ready.

I could’ve stayed the way I’ve been for a while now. But it doesn’t challenge me. It’s not the pursuit of happiness for me. I could’ve have it good and comfortable as it is, but the way it is, isn’t my dream. And for a dream, sometimes risking the good, is worth it.

I’m very lucky to have the support system that I have. Without it, I’d probably be more afraid than I’m right now. Without it I might be stuck in the good and comfortable.

Funny thing… I’m listening to No time to die by Billie Eilish. Quite inspiring, though this isn’t about the exact same topic! But I do feel a little bit of James Bondish, if that’s a thing. Bold about taking risks. Yikes!

photos by Camilla Bloom