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    To our family, this ‘COVID-19 quarantine’ doesn’t actually change this a lot. We spend a lot of our free time at home with the family anyway. I mean, of course our hobbies are all cancelled, I’m not going to the gym, our son isn’t playing baskeball or my husband doesn’t go swimming at the public swimming halls… But we have always been, my hubby and I, homebodies. I mean we do love seeing friends and have fun out and about, but we love to curl up at home; cook, play board games, wine & dine, even more! So basically, these times just gave us a good excuse to feel good…

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    I can believe that just a week ago I posted about my EVENTFUL SPRING here on the blog and the next, all of the events this spring might be cancelled or rescheduled because of the Covid-19. Personally, I’m worried about the state of health of the people around me (especially the elderly and the ones with a condition), thus I think now more than ever it is more important to take care of one another instead being upset that things don’t go as planned. Of course one can be sad and that’s only a human response to all what’s going on in the world right now. In Finland, we are currently…

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    Last month I took a weekend getaway with my friend Pinja to Saint Peterburg in Russia. We had the most fabulous time eating great food and relaxing like two moms of two kids would, haha! I can highly recommend St. Peterburg to everyone. The people were friendly and nice, very courteous even.

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    This year has been a good book year for me. I’ve joined a book club (that consists of my colleagues mainly) and I’ve read books in genres I perhaps wouldn’t pick up myself. I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you today. You might find something to read yourself, or an addition to your wish list to the Santa or a perfect gift for someone else!   Becoming (Minun tarinani), Michelle Obama, 2018 A Michelle Obama’s autobiography, is a great way to get to know the behind the scene material of Barack Obama’s presidency, but also a great growth story of a minority girl who becomes one of…