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    Who would come and plant me a rose garden? I love how the look and more than anything how they smell! I’m a terribly lazy gardener, but I do appreciate beauty. Maybe I would be able to maintain a rose garden… Some day. Right now our tiny garden space is barely holding a one bush of roses, one bush of peonies and one bush of hydrangeas. Only lilacs and rhododendrons are missing and then I would have all my favourites in one place! These photos of me where take by my hubby in a garden called the Guastalla garden situating in south-east of the centre of Milan. It had a…

  • My looks


    A week ago I started my mission to find a denim jacket that would be fit to wear in many occasions during the spring/summer season. I wanted a jacket that is 100% cotton, without any elastane to make sure it would keep its shape as long as possible. I wanted a jacket which colour isn’t too light nor too dark, but a neutral shade of blue. With a little search (took about three stores) I found the perfect one from Cubus! So, now I’ve got a denim dress, a denim dress, a denim jacket plus jeans of course! I don’t know whether I’m a all-denim-everything person, but I do like…

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    My looks


    For me wearing a dress is the easiest way to dress. I save a lot of time putting on a dress instead of several pieces of an outfit. I mean, I love styling and taking my time with clothing, but sometimes (read: most of the times) I’m too busy to pick up fabulous outfits and come up with fresh ideas with shirts and pants. But I do sometimes struggle with what to wear, even with the dresses. When I’m having a “bad-clothing-day” I like to rely on one of my favourite dresses, which is always appropriate for work and suitable for more dressy occasions as well. It’s the gingham dress.…