I can believe that just a week ago I posted about my EVENTFUL SPRING here on the blog and the next, all of the events this spring might be cancelled or rescheduled because of the Covid-19.

Personally, I’m worried about the state of health of the people around me (especially the elderly and the ones with a condition), thus I think now more than ever it is more important to take care of one another instead being upset that things don’t go as planned. Of course one can be sad and that’s only a human response to all what’s going on in the world right now.

In Finland, we are currently living interesting times. We are waiting to see if the government (or the cities) sees necessary to close down the schools to prevent the virus from spreading. This of course affects my job as a teacher, but I’m not worried. I trust the experts to tell us what to do and when. Incase schools close down, teaching will happen remotely.

During these times, the times of uncertainty and waiting it is best to take a step back and see what’s good in your life. Respect your health and connect with your social circle via phone, e-mail or in the social media. To those with family, spend (screenless) quality time with your loved ones.

Do the things you’d normally pass because of the lack of time. Do the spring cleaning… Organize your closets, photos, storage, kid’s clothes, bookshelf… Watch movies, make playlists, read that pile of books you have stacked away ‘until further notice’, learn to cook something you’ve always wanted to learn, learn a new language, dance moves, be creative; draw, paint, write…

The list is pretty endless when you start listing the activities you don’t do because of the hobbies you regularly have or because of all the social engagements you have scheduled. This is a chance to get original and authentic. This a chance for you to assess your everyday life from a perspective you might have forgotten!

These delicious photos are from last summer when our group of friends organized an 'Italian dinner' with bruschetta & pizza on the menu, yummy!!

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