• Leisure


    So, I think it’s pretty clear by now that Paris stole my heart and so did the restaurants in Paris! I was positively surprised how polite and friendly the service was and how tasty the food was! French food usually divides people to haters and lovers. And I seemed to love it, to my biggest surprise. Thus when in France, one should definitely eat at a restaurant at least once or twice even if the weather was perfect for a baguette in the park kind of picnic. French restaurants are very different starting from the athmosphere and and ending to the menu. For example I’ve never seen a menu translated…

  • Inspiration


    Cakes, champagne, flowers, candles… Here’s my inspiration board from Pinterest. My graduation party is less than a month ago. I’ve decided to have my graduation party at our house. Actually, I’m going to have my party split in two; the afternoon reception is for my family and relatives and the evening party is for our friends. I decided to do it like this because our house doesn’t fit over 40 guests at once… Plus I think it would be a nightmare to host (mainly) alone! Doing it this way, gives me a chance to enjoy my guests as well. The invitations have been sent and I have started practicing on…

  • woman in a gingham dress
    My looks


    For me wearing a dress is the easiest way to dress. I save a lot of time putting on a dress instead of several pieces of an outfit. I mean, I love styling and taking my time with clothing, but sometimes (read: most of the times) I’m too busy to pick up fabulous outfits and come up with fresh ideas with shirts and pants. But I do sometimes struggle with what to wear, even with the dresses. When I’m having a “bad-clothing-day” I like to rely on one of my favourite dresses, which is always appropriate for work and suitable for more dressy occasions as well. It’s the gingham dress.…

  • My looks


    Yesterday was all about packing for a weekend in Paris. What to wear for a weekend stay in a sunny +11 degree (Celsius) weather? Easy, since the answer is pretty much anything! The trouble for me was to fit everything in my hand luggage… But I made it. Thanks to Pinterest! I created an inspiration board in Pinterest, which included outfit ideas to wear in Paris. Every item can be found in my closet, so all I needed was some outfit combo inspiration from Pinterest. That’s what I came up with, how do like it? I love it! It was so much easier to pack when I first visualized it…

  • perfect_eyebrows


    Eyebrows are pretty much the frames of the face. It matters a lot how you shape and colour them. If the frames are off, so is the rest of the presentation, right? I’ll tell you an example: the 10 year challenge that is now very viral in the social media is rather painful to watch. At least from the point of view of the PERFECT EYEBROWS. I admit, I’m one of those who plucked their eyebrows too much as teenager. Thankfully I was able to grow them back! Even though the plucking problem is pretty much solved, I still think there a lot to learn about shaping and colouring one’s…