Last Saturday I celebrated my graduation with my friends and family. We had such good party and I’m super grateful how everything went so well. A huge thank you for everyone who took part in my special day! <3

I made almost everything myself, including the cakes, the salty pies and other small treats as well as the flower arrangements and other party decorations. My mother and sister helped me with cleaning and putting things into their places. My hubby kept our kids busy so that I could focus on the organizing more efficiently. Thank you all for supporting me <3

A special thank you to my mother, who’s not a speech person, but did give a small speech which was quite enough to get me in tears. What a lovely day that turned into a fun party in the evening!

On the right, a layered blueberry cake and a strawberry-lime cheesecake

A raspberry-blueberry cheesecake

Even though celebrating is fun and I’m happy to see my friends and family together I’m so glad that all the fuss is over! Although spring is always full of parties in my family, I’m happy that this particular chapter is over. I have graduated and that’s that!


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