In the past few months I’ve noticed how strongly my mind is connected to the weather outside. When it’s sunny I’m living on a higher note and I want to dance my life away. Everything seems easier and feels a thousand times lighter.

Right now, I’m definitely in a more sensitive mood as it is raining outside. I feel melancholic and I want to sink into that emotion even more. When I feel like this I’d like to walk around in the forest alone or create something with my hands, a poem, a story, a painting, photos… Whatnot. I love melancholy just because of the need to feel creative.

Melancholy to me means also being sensitive of the outside world and the people around me. Most of the time this just benefits me. But sometimes it backfires and makes me too sensitive, thus anxious and annoyed of my surroundings. And the people, obviously. By now, I know how to avoid situations that might create anxiety to me when I’m in a sensitive mood. So does my hubby, poor thing, haha!

Does the weather affect on your moods too? Do you get melancholic sometimes and if so, how does it show?

Photos by Camilla Bloom


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