This spring is propably one of my favourites when it comes to leisure. As always spring is a birthday season in my family, but this year… I’m also going to be a Maid of Honor for two of my best friends! Finally, I might just add, haha!

March is mainly for planning all the upcoming festivities. First though, at the end of March we are heading to my aunt’s 60th birthday party. Then there is our son’s 6th birthday party that needs planning. To be honest, I’ve already made some of those… But there’s a lot to be done too. It’s my first time preparing an all-kids-party for twelve pre-schoolers. Yikes.

In the beginning of May there’s Mother’s Day and my husbands birthday to celebrate.

Then the first Maid of Honor duty calls at the end May. Though probably all the heaviest work is been done by The Date.

The second wedding is held two weeks after.

So not be too easy and cheesy this spring, we are moving in to a new home in April too. We are still going to stay in Espoo, thus we are not moving too far this time. I’m going to share more details on the move and the new area on a separate article.

This life change is much anticipated and exciting, but of course it might require few of those sleepless nights packing and cleaning up the old house.

As I told in the last article I got many fun projects for this spring and perhaps for the summer as well. There are still some things happening that won’t just yet share with you, but hopefully soon I can.

With all these things and projects going on, I’m optimistic on how I’m keen on blogging on a weekly basis again. This is my thing, and I want to do it the way I want to do it, not how anyone thinks I should do it or not do it. Right?

What would you like to read on my blog this spring?




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