I miss blogging the way it was done few years ago… I miss writing my thoughts on this digital paper we call a blog. I’m saddened to feel as restricted as I do of what and how I can write on my own blog. I miss being able to express my thoughts without anyone raising their eyebrows at me. Not that my content has ever been questionable.

I didn’t feel like this about six years ago. I think motherhood and working in a public sector has made me have some censorship when it comes to sharing my life and my thoughts on the internet. I care about what people think of me and I’m not ashamed of that at all, but it does restrict me quite a bit sometimes.

Also time, or the lack of it plays its cruel tricks on the creative mind. Yet, for these past few months have been more creative than in the last ten years all together. Just not on the internet. Or my blog.

Although, I haven’t been very active on any of my social media platforms I still got some ideas to bring forward. I have some fun and interesting projects coming up in the next six months or so. Plus I really, really want to start blogging on a weekly basis again!

I thought I would write a separate article of my plans for this spring. For the next three months I’m going to be a busy bee for sure! And lucky for me, a creative one! You’ll be hearing from me during the weekend, stay tuned loves!


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